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Newborn Baby FAQ

Diapers problams? Hi yall. Jethra Mae be possessing some problems with thees Pampers? Nah on the crate dey speak dey venture up ta 15 lbs, but they be leakin when dey hit no higher than six lbs, I be talkin bout poo everywhere. Doncha ponder I can sue? Howz many lbs does your diapers hold? 3 pts! ... Did any of u acquire that consciousness you be gonna return on? It did not look like I be going to obtain my period. I just have knowledge of that I was pregnant. I really cannot explain it. I also knew she should be a girl. I was right! Apparently I had my term when I was pregnant. I thought I got pregnant subsequent to my period... Did any of y'adjectives locate large capillary thrombosis subsequent to have your little one? How long subsequent to delivery did it occur? What did it look approaching? I hold a weird leg thing going on right in a minute. I went to dr for it, and he told me that about once every six years or so someone returns in near... Did anyone ask to be induced on their due date? My other child starts their very first day of college the week of my due date and I should not ever need to miss it. It shall also be around the Labor Day weekend. Shall the doctor even do it? I like had a normal pregnancy most times and a normal labor finishing time but was over... Did anyone attain pregnant on the mirena? i did and it is not very likely tho. It extension up being eptoic. Not I. My OB told me more or fewer a patient that did but turns out her Mirena shifted so it wasn't actually doing its job. I've solitary heard of a handful of poeple getting pregnant while on it and I asked... Did anyone else have knowledge of this? Breastfeeding Men!!? Look ya hubby... I'm heading out for some long awaited champagne! AHHH! For me a daiquiri please... what the hell, make it a couple. No pumping and dumping over here... right honey? lol Only surrounded by my dreams. :) You have knowledge of what they say.. If men should have babies, two baby... Did anyone else progress through a rough patch beside their husband/partner? subsequent to their baby was born? Well we were doing best up until a couple months ago (my son be born final August) but lately we are just not getting along, not to mention experiencing a hard spell. Any advice to rekindle the romance? Thanks mommies. well. my ellie is 3 and a half... Did anyone elses kid shift through this trying to crawl phase? My baby is 5 months old on Monday and she can roll over onto her belly and tries to crawl. Subsequent to about 5 mins she starts to cry. I flip her fund over on her return and she flips herself straight return onto her pink baby bottles to crawl again! Has anyone else experienced... Did anyone hear that diaper reckless cream.? applying it on to your face and neck keeps you from wrinkling and hold you receiving note of youthful... baby diaper rash cream hmmm this day and age anything can hold you from getting wrinkles. until people realise "oh Sh t, I have wrinkles" we are adjectives gonna get old , wrinkly and things shall drop about six inches.... Did anyone here receive pregnant within the past their first interval return wager on subsequent to hold a toddler? My son is 5 months old, and I have not gotten a period yet. I should close to to beginning trying for a 2nd child subsequent to he is seven or 7 months old. If my period isn't return by consequently, is it even likely that I can become... Did anyone receive a photo slide display for their LO's first Birthday? I was wondering if anyone created a photo slide display for their LO 1st bday? I need to make one for my daughters Bday. I should like it to play bits of a little songs. My question is What program did you use? Was it time consuming or hard to do....

Did anyone beginning and afterwards stop solids? I started my son on some homemade purees and occasionally the mesh feeder but a couple of days ago I noticed that he was not nursing enough anymore so I pulled pay for and have not provided him solids in over 24 hours. He is nursing very many better now... I'm thinking I am of late going... Did breast feed return confident for you and child? We did. I have flat nipples and my son's tongue be all over the place. We are good now though :) Yes it was extremely difficult within the beginning. I hold a c-section so any compression on my stomach was uncomfortable. So i had to use the soccer hold which be many harder for... Did breastfeeding within public ever..? embarrass you? I am such a shy and reserved person, very insecure about myself and do not similar to being the center of attention. I had not ever really thought about BF within public until this morning, and I'm not sure I shall be can at first. Not that we shall be going out a ton, but still I... Did everything below in that return pay for to sprint regarding the mill subsequent to childbirth? I just had my first child and I'm curious. I have knowledge of about kegels and hold been doing them often. (Only been 3 weeks since I deliver. Am I to expect a permanent, but tiny no. of looseness, or do kegels make it leave rear as it was? Any experiences or... Did or can dark brown raspberry palm leaf tea.? make you leave into labor? if it did make you progress into labor or help make consistent contractions how long did it take to work and how many did you drink? if it can make you leave into labor how soon subsequent to ingesting it? thank you and p.s no im not trying to leave into labor right... Did sleep training work for you and your child? My daughter is 5months and wakes most hours within the night. I really call for to beginning being firm with her and beginning some sleep training prior to it get too late. As she's my first child, i'm finding the thought of it scary. But wants are a must. Baby and i sleep within the spare... Did the father of your babe ever sign any papers at your Hospital? its obvious that ur the mom... lol. thats howcome you signed. but now a days if here is a "man" present they wont have them sign unless you ask for it. ponder about it. most men aren't around for their babies mortal born. there is no "babies daddy" in the... Did they call within the crisscross up toddler swings? I have been receiving note of all over for the babe swings that you wind up and then they sprint for 15 or 20 mins. All I can locate are battery operate ones, who wants to buy batteries every week. And while I am ranting about that, howcome do not they craft adapters for these things? ... Did this ever creep you out when you be pregnant? When your sitting upright and you can look and look the baby sensitive of slithering accross your stomach. My stomach goes so lopsided and I can look the baby moving. I like the little kick but when I look it moving, mostly in my ribs, it's like a scene from aliens. lol. my baby is... Did venture to your postpartum (6--8 week) confirm up next to your OBGYN? I ditched my postpartum check-up final week and I kinda look guilty for doing so. I have knowledge of that I'd be possessing another pelvic exam and the doctor shall need to discuss birth control. I have knowledge of that I should draw from the exam but I do not need to look pressured to... Did u have tough or sick tot right distant subsequent to the 1st? mommies - whoever had baby too soon prior to doctor's guidance subsequent to the 1st for one year waiting...who got pregnant early subsequent to the 1st baby.did u have full term delivery or was near problem? or difficulty? or below syndrome? I had my 2nd about 19 months subsequent to my first. I leave over due... Did u work out to relieve tone your body subsequent to hold a tot, if so what kind of work outs did u do? Many of water! do not get ahead of you though, it took 9 mo to place the substance shall return off! good luck, and congrats on the little one! i asked a similar question and i got different answers here it... Did wash cloth diapers increase your strength bill? I'm new to cloth diapers and considering it. I'm just curious how many its going to increase my life bill. how many it increases it depends on your contrivance and whether you wash in warm or cold water. I dry-clean in cold h2o as it voids the warranty on my cloth nappies if I wash surrounded... Did you achieve depressed when you are/were at home next to your tot? I like to work from home, I'm a homely person like to bake and walk the dogs. but when I have no work on I carry really little and demotivated. It takes me ages just to do the chores. I have not ever be had depression as diagonsed by a doctor but I... Did you acquire any behaviour during pregnancy that still hold on ? Together with the large belly and all, you learn to do things a bit differently. For example, I started turning the shower on from inside the tub instead of leaning over the crest due to the fact that it was awkward together with the toilet within the approach. My friend taught herself to sleep on her side with a... Did you amass your children's umbilical cord stump? I did i place it in a keepsake pamphlet and with our arm bands No, it literally looked like a black scab, but the arm bands...yes definitely. That reminds me regarding the movie, "Meet The Fockers," when they thrash out the baby pamphlet where they kept the circumcision stub and it goes flying out... Did you breastfeed while pregnant? I am pregnant with 2, and my first son still breastfeeds. My midwife currently told me that I should ponder about weaning him. Everything that I like view online and heard from others says it is safe to verbs breastfeeding during a pregnancy. I am going to obtain a 2nd opinion from another dr. How many... Did you buy a swimsuit for your toddler girl? i mean she should just wear shorts and a cistern topp i do not have knowledge of where to obtain hold of one but even whether you just get a swimsuit bottom that should work due to the fact that my older sister hold a one year old daughter and when she takes her to sound she puts the swimsuit bottoms... Did you certainly look your tot turn? I am 36 weeks pregnant and my baby is breech. I am trying different things to try and get him to turn head down. Whether you tried something to catch your baby to turn did you see/feel him turn while doing your exercise? My babies weren't ever breech, that I have knowledge of of, but I... More Newborn Baby questions please see :

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