Thursday, 26 April 2012

Baby Proofing Checklist- Now That They Are Crawling

Baby Proofing Checklist Is your little one growing up faster than you ever imagined?  Most babies shall beginning crawling around 8 to 9 months and once they beginning crawling, they shall inevitably get into everything they aren't supposed to. 
Here is a quick space by space checklist to help you get your building ready for your little explorer.  (This is by no means a done list, each building is unique, but it's a good starting point)
        NEVER leave your child unattended within the bathtub, even for a second. 
        Thermometer or security products to test the h2o heat shall prevent burns.
        A toilet lid lock shall hold them (and all of your possessions) out regarding the toilet water.
        A baby crawl faucet close within the bathtub shall prevent them from hitting their head on sharp or protruding faucets.
        Hold cribs clutter free and make sure the mattress is now at its lowest level.
        If creating use of a nightlight, look for ones that are completely enclosed and prevent babies from reaching in to touch the bulb.
        Crib railing covers shall prevent babies from chewing on crib edges.
        Door baby cereal top regarding the door locks shall hold babies in (or out) of sure rooms. 

        Any door leading to outside should be secured with a lock that is out of reach, for example a chain lock or dead bolt.
        Pinch guards shall hold doors from pinching little fingers.
        Install gates in parts that should be off limits.  There exists walk-through gates and retractable gates for easy adult access.
        Only use gates specified for stairways at the top of stairs.  These should be hardware mounted only.
        Close all outlets- there exists many different variations of products for this now, they have return an extended method from the little glass plugs that just end up all over your home.
        Secure loose wires with cord manage kits.
        Hold power strips and warm ballasts out of reach.
        Make sure televisions are secured to wall!  This one is often overlooked, and those flat screen or large/thin televisions fall very with no problems and should severely injure a child.
        Secure top heavy furniture, like bookcases and dressers to wall studs.
        Banister covers can prevent babies from getting between balusters on stairwells or porches/decks.
        Ponder warm or poisonous- secure these first, then secure the things you don't ever need broken.
        Cabinet and drawer latches return in all shapes and sizes now.  There exists magnetic locks, locks that shall be installed with adhesive, or inexpensive hardware installed options- just to name a few.
        Stove locks shall hold babies from pulling the stove open.
        Stove guards can hold babies from reaching up onto the stove.
        Fridge guards shall hold children out regarding the refrigerator.
        Secure all the window blind ties so they can be not a strangulation risk.  There exists blind chord winders that work best for this.
        Use window locks or wedges to prevent babies from pushing up a window and falling. It seems overwhelming, but once you have knowledge of everything "babyproofed"  you will be can relax and watch your little one discover his or her world, safely! Related to the Author:
Danielle Zufelt is a mother of 3 young boys and the owner of The Baby Proofing Shop, an online shop selling all regarding the final products to baby proof your home.   Locate all regarding the products mentioned in this checklist at

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