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20 Strange and Funny Baby Products

Bringing up a child shall be a nightmare in a less-than-hygienic world, but at what spot does cleanliness and security consciousness transcend the boundaries of sanity? 1. Toad stool :Your child shall definitely locate this stool hilarious. You can place everything within reach for your little ones on this frog-theme stool. When your child steps or sits on the stool, it croaks. Teeth brushing time shall grow to little more good when your child steps on this stool.2. Potty Mitts :Have a phobia that your babies may catch diseases from unknown sources in public places? Water-resistant Potty Mitts are sure to change your life and your outlook.In addition to keeping your children free of germs, these revolutionary disposable gloves are mini enough to fit into a handbag or diaper bag. A should for those visiting less-than-clean environs, but make sure you don’t flush them below the toilet; they’re not flush-able. 3. Poop Scoop Bag :One for really hard-core greenies in keeping with current trends to slice below waste and hold in tune with natural rhythms. The plan is to monitor Baby’s bowel movements, and, instead of clothing them in diapers, let them do their thing whenever and wherever they please.The trick is to always have your 100% bio-degradable ‘baby poop scoop’ bag at paw to make sure that their waste doesn’t grow to the planet’s. 4. Monkey Bottle Hugger :Monkey see, monkey do! Use this adorable baby’s bottle close to hold the bottle contents at a constant heat and prevent condensation. The expandable elastic mouthpiece fits all bottles and sip glasses and keeps it from falling out of Baby’s mouth. The furry close ensures that your child has an easy, comfortable grip at similar time. 5. Pee Pee Bottle:An ingenious solution for those frequent tight moments when you’re nowhere near a toilet or natural spot, My Pee Pee bottle is as effective for adults as it is for babies when it returns to needing a compact, portable space to relieve yourself.Designed to replace public toilet seat covers, it is leak- and odour-proof and best if you’re on the move, but critics spot out that, though it returns in pink and blue, its lack of transparency should detract from its functionality.6. Baby knee pads:Here’s an easy method to hold your baby happy while crawling. Your baby shall not ever suffer from grazed, bruised, red and sore knees with these knee pads. There is no need to worry on which floor your baby is crawling inside or outside.You can with no problems place the pads with the help of Velcro straps behind baby’s knees to hold them in place. The pads give maximum protection without restricting the movement and circulation when your baby hits the knees against furniture. 7. Thudguard Helmet:A UK-derived security device to help cushion your toddler from banging their head too hard when they fall or collide, the Thudguard helmet should be receiving security too far.While it looks cute and soft, one can’t help thinking that it conjures up images of astronauts and space bubbles and other unnatural climates where ultimate protection is required. Whatever happened to learning skills development gleaned from a good, solid graze?

8. Shampoo Hat:A fun, feminine derivative of an adult shower cap, this frilly crown is an great method to hold soapsuds and shampoo out and your baby’s humor intact if she/he doesn’t like getting her/his head wet.The foam ring has a hole within the middle which serves like a visor and ensures there exists no more tears at bath time. Available in pink and blue as well as with cartoon motifs. 9. Baby Snot Sucker:As clinically correct as the place which spawned it, this Swedish nasal device is possibly the snottiest invention you can ever return across. A cross between a tube and a straw, the Nosefrida is a bizarre method of ensuring Baby’s excess mucus does not choke or suffocate.A long, flexible tube with a mouthpiece on the parent’s end and a nostril sucker on the baby’s end, the Nosefrida introduces an entire new concept to child care: nose to mouth resuscitation. Lest you can be worried that you’ll ingest the baby’s snot, the developers have thought of everything.An inline filter stops the snot from reaching your mouth, and you just need to wash it within the sink prior to creating use of again. 10. Potty Song:Remember Thomas the Tank Engine, a childhood ditty used by many parents to inspire their toddlers by repeating the lines & ponder I can, I have knowledge of I can’t The times they have changed and the parents reckon they’ve got wiser.The newly released Potty Song CD shall encourage any kid need to change their diapers, and leave to loo all by themselves. A brilliant Pavlovian concept, the CD allows you to play your child a personalized song which rewards them for creating use of the potty by saying their name over and over again. The attention your child receives creates them hold going return for more. 11. Babykeeper Basic:A cross between a handbag and a carrycot, the Babykeeper Simple is the thorough antidote to keeping your baby out of harm’s method when you don’t have enough arms. It hangs comfortably from walls of most public restrooms and fitting rooms by means of 3 huge metal hooks protected with security webbing.An added benefit regarding the patent-pending carrier chair, padded with non-slip material, is that it offers a safe, efficient method to keeping your child strapped up while you push the shopping trolley. Just don’t mistake it for your handbag! 12. Pee-Pee Teepee:A discerning creation from someone who has cottoned on to Baby’s unpredictable toilet behavior, this clever little triangular tent-like close shall shield you from “sprinkling wee weeâ€? while trying to change your baby’s nappy. Washable and waste-friendly, the wee-wee wigwam returns in 3 styles: cellophane, laundry bag and terry cloth. Wham bam, thank you Mom. 13. Bink Tees:From day one, babies are colleagues of pacifiers. If your baby is no exception, you can like this new line of t-shirts suitable for little suckers. Your baby shall like this bink tees and amuse themselves with binkies for hours putting them in, spitting them out, and crying to retrieve it again. When they throw it out, you wash it off and place return or release it to her and the whole routine starts again. 14. Billy Bob Pacifiers:If your baby is two of those that share that traditional longing for 3 front teeth for Christmas, release them something to really smile about. Besides keeping everyone within the vicinity in stitches, these wacky Billy Bob Baby Pacifiers soothe Baby and creates you wonder whether s/he really does only hold a sublime mouth full of teeth. 15. Baby Legs:Your baby’s legs are being exposed to chilly space due to the fact that of gapiosis. Protect your little ones legs from wind burn and chill with these baby legs. Your baby’s soft knees are protected from harsh surfaces, bugs, and sun rays. Keeps legs warm, comfortable alternative to tights and allows barefoot walking. 16. Baby High Heels:Reverse the age order and dress up your little lamb as mature mutton. Not that the intention is to make your child grow up prior to its time, but these booties with high heels shall sum a good dimension to yours, and Baby’s life.Designed by 3 childhood colleagues for a laugh, the soft, decorative heel adds a good aspect to comfortable crib shoes. Aptly named Heelarious, the shoes cannot help any mass and are not intended to be anything other than comfortable, but zany, baby shoes in a section of trendy designs. Ignore them at your peril. 17. Baby Food Dispensing Spoon:Feed your baby conveniently one bite at a time with Squirt baby food dispensing spoon. 4 ounces of baby food shall be filled within the bulb and attached firmly to spoon end. Get the right no. of food from bulb with a simple squeeze. Protective close helps to seal the food and to hold the spoon clean. 18. Baby Mickey womb doll:Think your newborn baby may be missing the warmth of your womb? Takara Tomy has return up with a melodic solution within the shape of a doll to apparently recreate the primal sounds of in utero heartbeat and blood flow outside the womb. Issho ni Nenne Baby Mickey and Minnie Womb-sound dolls aim to ease babies into a relaxing sleep cycle, and give them with an unique friend at similar time. 19. Baby Bottom Fan:Just when you thought they hadn’t thought of everything to make Baby’s upbringing as clinical and as humanly possible, a Freudian with a serious hygiene fetish got wind regarding the news.Equipped with a built-in anti-microbial fragrance dispenser to protect your baby from skin ailments, the Baby Bottom Fan is the quintessential gizmo to hold your baby dry, and you busy, at every diaper change. Apparently eases sleep and irritation too, and returns with sponge fan blades to eliminate any possibility of danger. 20. Peter Potty Toddler Urinal:Now you can potty train your toddler boy with no problems with this flushable toddler urinal. This toddler urinal gives your little guy standup skills development seven months faster. The little basin is easier to use, reducing mess.After creating use of it, your kid loves to push the flush button. No plumbing is required; you own to just fill the reservoir at sink. Click here for more on this article: Baby Funny Products

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