Thursday, 19 April 2012

Baby Constipation Building Remedies

Babies or infants have their own pattern of bowel movements depending upon their foods, activity and digestion abilities. However, if your child gets constipation, you get to have knowledge of it if s/he does not hold a bowel movement in 4 or more days or has hard, hard stools that are difficult to pass. Treatment for baby constipation shall be done by creating use of sure home remedies. Here is a list of such constipation remedies for providing relief to your baby.

If oversized baby bottle just started receiving solid  baby food, it may be a cause of constipation as these nourishment are little in fiber. Request your doctor to change the baby food brand that may help in constipation treatment of your baby.  With consultation of doctor, switch from pasta cereal to barley or oat cereal, or you may sum pureed vegetables or greens to standard cereal.
If your baby crawls, motivate her to do a little laps and if she isn't crawling, try pumping her legs gently. This shall release her some exercise.
Dehydration shall be one regarding the causes for your baby's constipation. Increase the no. of fluid which shall also hold her stools soft.
Give two ounce of prune sip diluted with equal no. of water, twice a day. Alternatively, give  apple sip to your baby.
Rub the region surrounding baby's anus with a considerably warm cloth. This helps in relaxing the muscles and allows gas and other reason to escape.
Mix a capful of mealie syrup in your baby's food to obtain rid of constipation.
Soak two tsp Psyllium Husk or Isabgol in a cup of water. Feed 1-2 spoon of this liquid within the food that you release to your baby. This can even be used like a precautionary method for avoiding constipation in babies.
Avoid such nourishment as pasta cereal and bananas as they shall aggravate constipation. Instead release your baby prunes, apricots, or pears.

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